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Peperere Pererere, who finished shooting in the blaze

The famous actor Shobharaj Paavoor said in the action cut, “Pepparere Pererare's Tulu Cinema has just finished shooting.

Shobharaj has done a lot of work in Tulu theater, cinema, Kannada cinema and television. The film has been completed without shooting.

Song shooting is pending. The rest of the post production work has started. Shobharaj says he thinks of a movie release only after the movies are all ready. Naveen D is one of the superstars of the coast. Padil, Arvind Bolar, Bhojraj Vamanjur, Satish Bandal, Saikrishna, J.P. Many artists, including Toominad, have painted cinema. Chaitra Shetty is in the mainland. Shobharaj paints cinema with action cut. Guru Baier composed the music for the cinema. What's so special about this movie that has been shooting since the beginning of the shooting? What's the story? The film has not given any details. The latest information is that all these ideas will be revealed during the cinema release.

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